Miami Escort Service Terms & Conditions


Money exchange is for legal personal services; those services are for time only.

This is not an offer of prostitution. Prostitution is illegal.

(Note: Please read the fine print: This is not an offer of prostitution)

Services requested are between two or more consenting adults of legal age the age of 21 or Older.


Kitty Box Live has the right to decline appointments as deemed necessary. By contacting and communicating with Kitty Box Live, either through telephone, text messages, e-mail, or online formats YOU agree to these terms and agree that you are not part of any law enforcement agency using this advertisement for entrapment or for arrest.


This is a contract you agree to by contacting us.

Refund Policy

There is no refund policy.


Escort Service Policy

It is here that I present to you a few simple ideas to make your appointment possible, easy to schedule, all that it can be and more. In order to appreciate the services of any Escort, you need to learn how to discuss their services accurately, and what to expect. While some of those reading this might be well versed in chatting up Escorts, this list is more for the novice customer who have little to no understanding about what to expect. This may also be a helpful guide for those up and coming Escorts, who want a few guidelines in order to get started. Well, let’s get down to it, shall we?


  1. Escorts do not sell sex. Many people frequently mistake Escorts and Prostitutes. Escorts sell their time, and companionship, not sexual acts. What happens during the time spent with an Escort is between two consenting adults who share similar likes and interests, it’s that simple.


  1. Escorts do not speak to clients about sex between yourself and themselves ever. If it happens great that is simply mutual attraction between two adults. Escorts are selling their time. In order to enjoy your time with Escorts, and prevent miscommunication please understand this. The only people, who bring up sex and money in the same sentence, are police departments doing sting operations, government agencies, or obvious and blatant hookers. Have some respect for the beautiful women who sell their time and companionship, and don’t ask them inappropriate questions which could get them in legal trouble. If you make sure not to make this mistake, you’ll always have a friend one call away.


  1.  When first contacting an Escort, probably through their website; include your relevant information. Your First and Last Name as well as age. Escorts want to learn about you, so they can decide if you are a right fit for them. In addition to seeing if you two are a good fit, it just makes the entire process smoother and faster. Don’t be rude and low class, and send obnoxious or lewd wishes/wants in emails. It’s bad, and it gets you ignored easily and prices are as is no negotiation, do not call if you cannot afford.


  1. If you are paying cash payment must be taken upfront when model arrives do not make Model uncomfortable by making her ask for it. 


  1. Have your ID available for the Escort to inspect to verify you are 21 or older If you don’t trust your Escort enough to see your ID then you will need to look elsewhere for companionship.


  1. In the event you are staying at a resort ANTICIPATE the Escort to call the front desk to verify you is a registered guest and in the room number you supplied before they ever show up. This will need you providing your full name which will be compared against your ID. This is for security reasons.